Hello internet wanderer! The idea of a static blog was inspired by my good friend Ed (edho.me) and serves as a space for my thoughts and reflections. We’re all in this swirling, sometimes laminar and sometimes turbulent river called life, but if we just step out and sit on the shore every once in a while, I believe it can lead to a more enriched and personally meaningful experience. I just started medical school in Canada, so many of the posts will probably be medicine-related. Other potential topics include tech, health/fitness, ethics - maybe I’ll share some of my music/vlogs here as well. At the end of the day, I’m mainly writing for myself, to help me figure out how to do this life thing…but I would love for you to join me.

tech stuff

This blog is built on Hugo, and on an amazing theme called Natrium. I chose it because of its simplicity as well as the ability to sort posts by tags and categories. In the future I’d also like to implement a site-wide search feature.

The font I chose was Nunito.

main site / contact / socials

henryhe.me / hello.henryhe[at]gmail.com / IG: @henryhe_

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