s p a c e

a blog


Hello internet wanderer! The idea of a static blog was inspired by my good friend Edward (edho.me) and serves as a space for my thoughts and reflections. I started it in order to write more, because I like writing and it helps me process life a bit better. Hopefully it is inspiring or interesting to you as well.

I am a final-year medical student in Canada, so many of the posts will probably be medicine-related. Other potential topics include tech, music, and fitness, and I’ll try my best to organize them with tags for easy navigation. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

tech stuff

This blog is built on Hugo, an open-source static site generator written in the programming language Go. I chose a theme called Hugo Vitae, because of its simplicity and focus on content. The code for this website can be found here.

The font you are reading is Open Sans.

If you’re curious, this was what my old website looked like. I created it in Nov 2015 after I got this (awesome) domain name free for 1 year by attending my university hackathon.


If you’d like to reach out at all, please feel free to send me a message: hello.henryhe[at]gmail.com. You can tweet @ me or send me an Instagram DM as well.